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EconData.Net is designed to help practitioners, researchers, students, and other data users quickly gain access to relevant state and substate socioeconomic data. The site aims to be a convenient, comprehensive first stop for anyone searching among the vast, disparate array of public and private data sources on the Web. EconData.Net is sponsored by the Economic Development Administration as a service to regional data users, and is jointly operated by Impresa, Inc. and Andrew Reamer & Associates, independent economic development consulting firms.

EconData.Net is divided into eight parts:

Links by Subject: You’ll find over 750 links to individual economic data sources, sorted into ten subject categories. Click on a category—like Employment, Income, or Industry Sectors—click the “go” button and we’ll give you links to data from federal, state, and private sources on that subject.

Links by Provider: Here we’ve organized the same links by the organization that produced them. For instance, if you want to see what regional data are available from the Bureau of the Census, you can look here. You may find this tool handier than going directly to the agencies’ own home pages, because we show links only to those sources of data useful for state or local analysis.

What’s NewThe latest edition of StatScan, our free monthly newsletter, is available on this page, as well as a link to the full archive of past editions. StatScan provides data news and the latest changes to EconData.Net. If you haven’t visited us in a while, click here to learn about new listings, changes in data series, and new features on the site.

Ten Best Sites: We’ve sifted through hundreds of sites, and surveyed hundreds of users, to find these gems. Not only do these sites offer the widest selection of data, they’re user-friendly as well. For instance, several let you point and click to generate customized tables (and even graphs) of just the data you want. You definitely should check out these sites.

Data Collections: These 150 Web sites provide multiple data series, usually from a variety of sources. They include on-line data collections, on-line versions of statistical compendia (like the U.S. Statistical Abstract), data search engines, microdata tools, and GIS mapping resources. You’ll also find links to local data intermediaries (organizations like Census Data Centers and university business and economic research centers) that can help you obtain, understand, and analyze data for your area.

Quick Links: As you get familiar with various data sources, you may want to go here. We’ve placed all our “links by subject” without annotation on one condensed, quick-loading page. If you know what you want and you want to get there quickly, or if you want to get a fast sense of available data sources across categories, use Quick Links.

Registration: You can register as a user of EconData.Net and get StatScan, our monthly e-mail newsletter, that profiles a site of the month, new additions to EconData.Net, and other relevant data news.

User’s Guide: Ever wish someone would write a “Complete Dummies” guide to economic data? Poof! Your wish has been granted. You can get our free 100-page guide to finding and using economic data to understand your regional economy. All the details are here.


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EconData.Net has been compiled as a service to economic data users everywhere by Impresa, Inc. and Andrew Reamer & Associates, economic development consulting firms.

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The contents of EconData.Net are copyright © Impresa, Inc. and Andrew Reamer & Associates, 2008. EconData.Net has been prepared as a public service and has not been sanctioned or endorsed by any federal agency or other organization listed within. Information has been compiled from sources deemed to be accurate, but like almost everything on the Internet is subject to change without notice. Impresa, Inc. and Andrew Reamer & Associates make no representations as to the completeness, reliability or accuracy of the links presented here or to the data contained in the databases referred to therein. If you encounter any problems with these links, please bring them to our attention at comments@econdata.net.